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Recognizing a sick goat

  Their are severalclassic symptomsof a goat that is not feeling well.

  • A goat that won't eat or has little interest in food.
  • A goat that won't drink or has little interest in water.
  • A goat that has irregular bowel movements: diarrhea or clumpy stools.
  • A goat that is not urinating or is urinating painfully.

While these are certainly not the only symptoms a sick goat will display, they are among the most common symptoms and should be dealt with as symptoms.

Any one or all of these "signs" should be taken as warnings of a potential crisis in full bloom. Recognizing these early warning signs and taking immediate action is your only hope and possible solution of avoiding a potential crisis. Quite often, a pet owner will recognize the warning signs but fail to take immediate action and the result is usually a fatality. Goats are no different than any other animal, but they can die within a very short amount of time if not properly cared for at the first signs of a problem. Act immediately!


Perhaps the best indicator of your goats health and well-being is your constant observation of the habits and normal behavior they display. You will soon find that you know your goats better than you thought you did and be able to tell when something isn't right. Just be prepared to act when something isn't.